April 15, 2012

Hungry for something Beautiful

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No way, rain keeps falling down without giving signs of stopping nor that nice weather will come back soon. Not so bad, I've been so busy lately that I completely shelved my magazines, three issues of Vogue one upon the other with a finger of powder over them: today will be Reading Sunday

March issue is always my favourite one because it's all dedicated to power and its expression through people: let's point out, power is not absolute strenght, power is the ability to achieve our objectives despite all weaknesses that hinder us, at least from my point of view. 

Among all articles, the one I literally devoured is by Hamish Bowles on Riccardo Tisci, italian-born artistic director of Givenchy. There's one thing I can't resist, besides drama tv series for the record, and this is perseverance. 

I can't stop smiling of satisfaction when I hear about people that humbly, firmly and with huge sacrifices get near their goals, that's the only way to give meaning to our lives. Ninth son of a poor family grown up dressing altered elder sisters' clothes, at seventeen Tisci left Italy to make his fortune in London where he did it, thanks to his curiosity and his being always hungry for something beautiful. What happened next is all history: head of a great Maison, with its founder, at that time, still alive and supportive. 

Never think that just one in a million, the lucky one, will succeed, if you really want it and you are willing to take your risks and make sacrifices, you will get it.


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  1. Post bellissimo! E molto inspirational... Condivido!




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