February 27, 2012

Details Fair: Composition or Decomposition?


I really love details, I usually seek them in every aspect of my life, could it be a great novel, the one with long descriptions, a neighborhood which seems a world itself or even a place full of people. Sometimes watching a movie through one of those huge modern televisions I get angry for not being able to catch all the details.

Ok, let's stop turning around the point. I'm telling you that because I know, such outfits might seem just extravagant or not daily wearable to the most: if you think so, try to look at each item separately, decomposing the whole, because, to me, they are all really lovely.

Personally speaking I find them both delight for my eyes in their entire, I like colors, geometric patterns and flowers, there are so many details that catch my attention that I would like to see many more like them everyday!



  1. I love Elisa Nalin's shoes! she always has the greatest style.
    Nice blog :)

  2. Mmm...le uniche cose che mi piacciono sono le scarpe e i capelli di Nalin, favolosi, i vestiti sono troppo complicati, mi confondono...ma forse è proprio questa la magia!


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