March 30, 2012

Yesterday I went to Venice to the presentation of the exhibition Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt, a multi-faceted 1928 born photographer who has managed to promptly capture everything the 20th century has offered, constantly traveling around the world looking for new snapshots.

I must confess that a little part of me is jealous of the period during which he has lived, I mean, I love today's comfort, I can't even imagine my life without any kind of technologies, but think about living at a lower pace, having the time to evaluate your own choices or to stop and observe what's around us, nowadays this is a luxury.

These are some of the pictures I took of his pictures, the first one reminds me the childhood fever while preparing performances at school when everybody had a different way of approaching the situation. Unfortunately the reflection of the light on the glass didn't help my already low skills as photographer but sometimes even shadows tell us something: I'm not talking about me reflected on the girl's hat, but mainly of San Marco's bell tower, on the other side of the island, reflected on 57th Street Gallery, New York City, between the two men..a work of art in another work of art.

I tought it was better to separate the holy from the profane, so I put this picture at the end. Erwitt last project has been the advertising campaign for the brand Jacob Cohen, in which he has revisited some of his most famous shoots: this is referred to Spagna, Madrid, Prado, 1995 but if you are interested you can visit Jacob Cohen website and look at them all.

Thanks to guide and photographer Alberto!


March 23, 2012

What a beautiful day. Sunny, just enough breezy, warm, it's my favourite time of the year.

Spring exploded and with that my spring mood. I know, what's more trivial than talk about flowers right now but listen, trivial is fine sometimes: this is what I tought when I saw these trousers by h&m, quite similar to a pair I shoot in Milan. Do you remember Viviana Volpicella picture on Details Fair post? Well, mine are a little high waist, a little skinny, a little above the ankle, a little...a good alternative to the usual pants.

I think we are going to see many things like these over the coming months so get used to them!


March 15, 2012

No pictures today, I have little time unfortunately, but I felt I must tell you a couple of news...good news of course!

Well, first of all congratulations to Madame Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, who received today at Elysee the Legion d'Honneur from President Nicolas Sarkozy: huge satisfaction for helself and her staff above all, but also enormous pride for all the people, myself included, who appreciate the effort of those which support firmly their ideas, although countercurrent.

It's easy to promote themselves as paladins of notables causes, the hardest part is to gain credibility and to me they absolutely succeeded to do that through Vogue Curvy for example.

Second news?...Drum roll please...For the very first time a bloggers duo won the prestigious CFDA Eugenia Sheppard Media Award, a kind of Oscars of fashion. Oh you're right, I forgot to mention that Scott Schuman and Garance Dorè won it!

Absolutely well-deserved, the evidence that passion and huge talent can move the world.


March 14, 2012

First of all let me say that I'm not a fetishist, at least in the nasty way of interpreting the term.

I've always been careless, so hundreds of times while walking I stumbled on millimetric steps improvising kind of artistic falls, always failed. Anyway this is probably the reason why I usually walk looking to the ground and I suppose that keep doing so my selective sight got used to look at shoes, any kind of shoes, till addiction.

Poor Amy Winehouse sang "they try to make me go to rehab by I say no, no, no". So am I, forced abstinence is simply not contemplated.

But do you know high heels' historical background? Men invented them actually, in order to make difficult to walk for women, so they were able to keep them under control. I wonder if they could have ever imagine that one day everything would have turned against them, it is called long term perspective.

Well nowadays shoe designers worldwide indulge on this object, for many years simbol of constraint, the heel, giving it the most unexpected shapes. The drawing I made refers to another pair of shoes which I had not time to shoot...I'm not a sailed illustrator but I tried!


March 11, 2012

Instantly connect to what's most important for you. What a great power!

Major world fashion weeks are over, so now it's time to sum up everything and get ready for the next turn. Something to keep in mind? Of course there is, technology: not by chance I quoted Twitter statement of intent on the first line.

What I found most impressive looking at the pictures I took is that almost none of them are free from cameras or smartphones. The paradigm is capture what you see or feel, share it with people who might like it too and let your contents spread worldwide.

It seems to me that distances are set to zero: I could be on the bus, on my way to university, and look at an instagram picture of Bryan Boy's breakfast or read the daily Editor's Blog on or even watch a video interview on Garance Dorè website.

Everything is so available and free from any kind of locks that is quite easy to overcome limits (personally speaking I found Francesco Scognamiglio less interesting due to his compulsive tweet): well, this is the way of the world, nothing has just positive aspects fortunately! Feel free to leave any comment, I'd be happy to know your opinion.


March 4, 2012

Beatles' fans will forgive me if I borrow part of their deserved nickname, but since I use it knowing its value, I do it for a good reason.

What I sayed in my second post about the unequivocal contribution of Gianni Versace widespread inside all his designs, a kind of imprint which makes us say this thing is just like he used to do, can be easily applayed to the New York based young designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough.

The duo belongs to the category of new players talented and conscious of their potential, as inventive as focused on details, materials and prints. These bags, the PS1s, are an evidence of what I'm saying: practical shape, refined aesthetic and high quality materials, ideal for both men and women.

I might be emotional but when I saw them in Milan I tought that a little piece of Big Apple was suspended a short distance from the italian ground. It was nice...


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