December 19, 2012

Diana Vreeland was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for fashions magazines Harper's Bazaar and Vogue and as a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 1984 Vreeland explained how she saw fashions magazines. "What these magazines give is a point of view. Most people haven't got a point of view; they need to have it given to them - and what's more, they expect it from you. It must have been 1966 or '67, I published this big fashion slogan: This is the year of do it yourself. Every store in the country telephoned to say: Look, you have to tell people. No one wants to do it themselves, they want direction and to follow a leader!"


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December 18, 2012

Bonjour lecteurs!
As the year is coming to an end, the good intentions' rite takes promptly place, with the only guarantee that those good intentions will be proved wrong a few seconds after the midnight, c'est la vie. On my 2013 Top 5, among others, there's the purpose to learn how to speak french (mmh...we'll see), and the desire to add the word updated to the list of words that describe my blog. Solution found: it's time to set up a column, at least one.

So, here it is, for the second time ever on your computer screen, Shopping tips.

Since the last time I chose a slower version of shopping, abducted by the romantic side of street markets (you can find it here), I tought it was about time to focus on a huuuge issue: shopping at low cost chains.

Halfway between an art and a tough battle, it needs first of all a great amount of theoretical notions, long practice and mind focused, abilities that could be taught by Mr. Miyagi actually, that if he were at Zara with his pupil Daniel-san, he would probably repeat him: know fashion, ignore fashion, know fashion, ignore fashion...

Despite the fact that I don't have any intention to put on his clothes, too shapeless and gray, and even less his bandage tied on the neck, I'll try to be as pragmatic as he has been.

The first step is, without doubt, to make a serious assessment of your tastes, which turns useful anyway. Are you mad with jolly clothes, those easy to manage, that allow you to adjust your outfit without a lot of moves according to your day? In this case, maybe, H&M is the right place for you. Do you really like (as I do) structured clothes, with clean lines? Just one word: COS. A low cost chain that winks one eye to current trends? Mango. One eye and a half? Topshop. Both eyes? Zara. Neither? Primark, you don't need your eyes with such low prices.

Second step: keep clear in mind your priorities' list. As it often happens you can't get everything, what could you not give up? An original touch, great fabrics, the chance to put your own stylistic effort on your outfit or, on the opposite side, to use ready-to-wear matchings, to the wellbeing of your credit card?


If you think you have successfully completed both phases, you are certainly at a good stage, but be careful, a threat hides among the latest arrivals and the special sales corner: the army of runway clothes' clones. Entities that walk fearless during the day and which dominate after the twilight, brrr. In this case the boundary between good and evil is so unstable that even if you pay attention to the traps, you risk of falling down with both shoes, and not only with the shoes.

My recipe? No clones, if possible, unless they really worth it, low cost items mixed with the best pieces of my closet, two or three more or less, the ones kept since many years and never thrown away, no hesitation on accessories.

Have a nice shopping day!


December 4, 2012

They called it visual path. It's an exhibition, do not panic.

Images are by Peter Lindbergh, the frame in which they were contained is Corso Como 10, a little corner within the city borders, I've never seen such a bucolic place.


Imagine that you are able to share with someone else all your unknowns, and at the same time the certainties that you have accumulated over the years. All these things together could generate an homogeneous mixture, more or less made of the same amount of both ingredients (certainties and unknowns), or maybe a mix biased towards one of the two parts, for sure there can never be one blend equal to another, each blend is unique.

The unique mixture that I saw was Peter Lindbergh's one, intentionally biased toward the unknown side, despite the fact that his talent has always been a certainty, and this is absolutely known.

So the exhibition began with a room full of knowns, some of the most popular fashion shots from floor to ceiling, which reported not only the evolution of trends but also documented the careers of many great models, like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, just to name a couple of them. He has always portrayed beauty without any overstructure, always faithful to his essential creativity.

The remaining part was a journey without neither a specific order nor a timeline: on stage the fascinating and artful adventures of our lives, the unknown, which benefits from constant references to cinema and science fiction.

I hope you'll like the pictures!


November 26, 2012

A jump in the past shows that good taste does not subject itself to the passing of the season. To which collection do these clothes belong? I don't know...doesn't matter at all, that's the point!


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November 23, 2012

There are tones of reasons why you feel the need to buy: for necessity, for pleasure, because you think you never have enough (here the mantra is sooner or later I'll need it for sure), to fill small and big lacks.

Countless reasons, countless ways of purchase. Some people prefer to go to tried and tested stores where most of the times they know quite well what they are going to find, where to find it inside the store and in which day of the week, a kind of ritual consolidated over time. Some others rely on online shopping, because you know, nowadays time is the only true luxury, and when it dramatically lacks, you need to find a solution in some ways, so laptops set distances to zero and credit cards cut out cash desk queues.

I must admit that, while I'm quite good at the first option, I'm not that good with virtual shopping: I don't think I'll ever be able to give up touching objects' texture, fabrics in particular, before the purchase, I think it may be due to the same principle that makes me say that ebooks will never be as fascinating as paper books.

Trying to find a remedy, I will recover my handicap with some good advices on street markets, true stress free oasis where you can find both war relics from the First World War and brooches made of bouncing balls, plus all in between. Undefined space and time, neatly shapeless paths where the only duty is to get carried away, with some little tricks:

- Do not start the reconnaissance having a clear idea about what you would like to buy: the point is to be able to grasp the right thing in the right moment, it's a matter of belonging and predestination. You might think that we are the ones that find each piece of our booty but I think that, on the contrary, they find us;

- Pay attention to easy baits: since you are moving through a no lords' land, don't waste time and efforts trying to find the perfect copy of the item you saw in that beautiful shop in the city center, first of all trust me, you'll never find it, second of all you'll throw to the wind the chance to discover something new, not so conventional;

- Be patient: sometimes it may happen to come back home with a skinny booty, below expectations. Since unpredictability is part of the game, don't get upset, fate keeps turning and probably the next time it'll turn in your favor;

- Wear comfortable shoes: it might seems trivial but with just three words I said it all.

Before I started to write this post I thought to end it up by giving you some information about my favorite street markets, a kind of Where?, When?, What?, but then I reminded the circumstances when I shot the picture up there: it was sunday afternoon, one of those almost summer days in the middle of autumn and I run by chance in Brera, Milan. Why should we make a list of events not to miss when the case makes it for us anyway?


November 19, 2012

If the answer to that question is yes!, as it was mine, never think you will be able to find one at H&M, go to the nearer supermarket.

That's the lesson I've learned last thursday, when I naively thought I already had a Maison Martin Margiela for H&M candy clutch among my hands, dabbler's mistake.

Here is the story.

Wake up at 6 am, bus at 7, one hour later I was in front of the store entrance. A girl dressed up as a butcher gave me the bracelet that allowed the entrance to the sale event, it was blue, I love blue, I think it's a great color and it standed out on my wrist but, what did it mean for my purchase? You'll enter the store with the third group - the butcher said. What?! Since when so many people are mad for Margiela, I thought it was a niche brand, wasn't it? Ok, don't worry, remain focused on the goal, the re-edition of the Spring Summer 2010 candy wrapped clutch could still be yours. Second dabbler's mistake.

Twenty minutes later, which meant that the first group made use of its ten minutes time to raid everything and ten extra minutes to pay it all, my turn was approaching, when a young girl paraded proudly by my side: Oh nice bag, how many like this are left? - I asked her. She answered with a quite pleased chuckle: none, they are already sold out! - and continued even more pleased - you know I arrived at six in the morning. Are you looking for applause? (By the way, this bag is really too big!!) C'mon, it is certainly a misdirection attempt, stay focused. Third dabbler's mistake.

Once inside the store, determined that no bags were left, I regretted that I had always avoided videogames: Super Mario's ability to face invasions would have been quite helpful to escape from salesmen's attacks.

End of the story.
Any reference to actual events and/or real people is to be considered purely accidental.

A well-written screenplay, suitable to be performed in Venice as well as in Milan and in every city around the world, a mechanism reharsed and replicated several times, always equal to itself, a certainty. The gap between the purchase and the acknowledgement, by most of the people, that they will never use those items is every time closer, within a couple of hours products are on ebay three times the original price. Everybody keep on not knowing Maison Martin Margiela.

All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players, what's your point of view?


November 16, 2012

To be continued...

The story of a candy, a castle and many brave knights.
Of a bloody battle, for a limited edition award and a bittersweet defeat.


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November 15, 2012

I still have not figured out yet if I'm good or not at tidying up: I only know that I always keep everything, you know just in case, is it bad? Mmm, who knows...

Well, trying to find a place for everything, fashion magazines, university books and tons of notes, I thought: can a Vogue's September issue and a business management book share more than their (physical) weight?

More clearly, is it possible to combine a big passion with your studies, making it all a profession? This is actually what I'm trying to do, I don't know yet if I'm doing it in the right way, but as I promised a couple of posts ago, I'd like to share with you all I understood till now (if so...) about trying to match passion and job.

Is it possible? Easy? Are there any secrets to success?

This won't be a post that hides itself behind the fact that we are on crisis and no more jobs are available for young people: I perfectly know that crisis does exist, as a business student I know its origins and causes, and they are definitely not a fashion matter so I won't dedicate them any additional word.

So, back to us, secrets: if there are some, I can't reveal them otherwise I should kill you all! Easy? Of course not but listen, rarely things like these are easy, take it or leave. Possible? Maybe.

Personally speaking I think that the first basic step to take is to understand which is your positioning within the industry: there are countless ways to deal with fashion, Grace Coddington does it differently than Anna Dello Russo, Scott Schuman differently from Chiara Ferragni (four names not by chance...), what's yours?

Done this, the next step will be to find the right way to remain faithful to your own identity: in this way you'll be able to test yourselves in different contexts without being afraid to get changed without realizing it.

Final point: try youselves in as many tasks as possible. To me this will no doubt make you understand what you like the most, but mainly this will give you the flexibility to reinvent when you are forced to change your plans, it may happen.

This what I gained till now, it's not much but it's a beginning and it can be useful to everyone, even beyond the fashion industry. To conclude, I just want to quote some lines by Rolling Stones, I think they are quite appropriate: You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need.

I hope to be helpful!


November 11, 2012

If it is true that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, it is also true that absolute beauty is hardly recognizable, I mean something universally accepted as such and without reservation.

Let me explain.

As much as I appreciate a fashion show as a whole, there are always a few looks that I wish I could change, call it arrogance or just human instinct, I think it is quite the same principle that occurs in football, when nobody feels completely satisfied with the choices of the coach.


All this was partly confirmed by an exhibition I saw during my brief stay in Milan, set up for little less than a month at the Triennale. On top a bag, the Lady Dior, which has marked an era and has contributed to build a status, on the background a dialogue between established artists who have recorded its popularity over the years and young emerging artists who gave it a modern and very personal interpretation.

Probably the maison Dior recognized the rectangular shape and the cannage stitching as elements able to perfectly convey the idea of extreme refinement and couture: now, among several other hands, the bag has become molten metal , rubber and iron curtain, unstructured in its explosion, trapped in the ice as well as freed from the grip of the rock.

Undoubtedly a good attempt to bring out diversity, in an unusual world such as the fashion one, in which adhere to certain trends is a very impending risk: to replicate is quite simple, to renew it's definitely not that simple, but in the end it is the only way that repays the effort.


November 5, 2012

Have you ever been so excited that even if everything is unknown, definitely not familiar and it goes at the speed of light, you can't feel any fear or you can't even try to tide up your mind? 

During the last months, this has been quite a new daily status for me, Miss think first as second name. I'm really sorry for having shut down my blog for such a long time, but trust me, it has been for a good reason, or maybe two.

Seven months are not a great amount of time for a human being, if compared to his entire life. They are a huge amount of time for a butterfly, which can't even hope to live more than two or three days. For me seven months have been everything a young intern, nearly graduated, at the beginning of her almost mature life could ever desire. But let's start from the beginning.

I've always been interested in fashion, I would say more from an artistic point of view than a consumer one, I feel a kind of thrill inside of me when I look at an inspiration becoming a product, but to be sincere I've never been able to observe quite from the inside such world, at least until seven months ago.

What happened first has been an internship at the company that manufactures sunglasses and frames for Yves Saint Laurent, well Saint Laurent Paris now. I needed to do an internship in order to graduate, I'm a business student, and I'm not the kind of person that avoids sacrifices to achieve a goal, so my 300 hours internship became a six months-long internship at the Marketing and Licensing dept. I could have never imagine to live such an amazing experience, I mean to spread my intern-efforts to give substance to Hedi Slimane's plans, a delight.

In the meanwhile I made the final university exams and I got graduated, thanks God!

Just one month's left to tell you about. Quoting one of my favorite films I could say A million girls would kill for this job, and maybe that's true. I've been chosen for an internship at Vogue Italia, is that a fairy tale?? I started walking with my feet off the ground and my head in a whirl since I got the news: the feet touched the ground again on the first day in Milan, they had to get on high heels, the head kept on whirling. It has been a quite dense month.

I feel like I dwelt a little bit, but I have so much time to regain that a novel would not be enough, better to split everything in several episodes. So stay tuned, I hope that both of us will have the chance to gain something from my experiences.

*welcome back*

April 21, 2012

It seems like a Face Hunter kind of picture, pure Yvan Rodic style, but no, I personally took it in Milan, Castello Sforzesco, last February during Fashion Week.

Storing all my photos I found it quite appropriate even approaching summer time so here it is, summer picks at your fingertips!

Round John Lennon sunglasses, an evergreen, the kind of accessory that if it melts perfectly at your face you'll never get rid of it, and a nice foulard knotted on the head. The frame/colors' choice is yours.


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April 15, 2012

No way, rain keeps falling down without giving signs of stopping nor that nice weather will come back soon. Not so bad, I've been so busy lately that I completely shelved my magazines, three issues of Vogue one upon the other with a finger of powder over them: today will be Reading Sunday

March issue is always my favourite one because it's all dedicated to power and its expression through people: let's point out, power is not absolute strenght, power is the ability to achieve our objectives despite all weaknesses that hinder us, at least from my point of view. 

Among all articles, the one I literally devoured is by Hamish Bowles on Riccardo Tisci, italian-born artistic director of Givenchy. There's one thing I can't resist, besides drama tv series for the record, and this is perseverance. 

I can't stop smiling of satisfaction when I hear about people that humbly, firmly and with huge sacrifices get near their goals, that's the only way to give meaning to our lives. Ninth son of a poor family grown up dressing altered elder sisters' clothes, at seventeen Tisci left Italy to make his fortune in London where he did it, thanks to his curiosity and his being always hungry for something beautiful. What happened next is all history: head of a great Maison, with its founder, at that time, still alive and supportive. 

Never think that just one in a million, the lucky one, will succeed, if you really want it and you are willing to take your risks and make sacrifices, you will get it.


April 9, 2012

Just a short post with a couple of nice pictures I took months ago.

At this point you probably know what I appreciate of an outfit: basic pieces, I mean YOUR own basic pieces, the ones you trust in blindly, various materials, denim, leather, fur, why don't take advantage of everything on our disposal, and last but not the least a kind of personal touch, something nice like her sparkling collar. I found it the perfect combination during days like these with their fluctuating weather.


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March 30, 2012

Yesterday I went to Venice to the presentation of the exhibition Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt, a multi-faceted 1928 born photographer who has managed to promptly capture everything the 20th century has offered, constantly traveling around the world looking for new snapshots.

I must confess that a little part of me is jealous of the period during which he has lived, I mean, I love today's comfort, I can't even imagine my life without any kind of technologies, but think about living at a lower pace, having the time to evaluate your own choices or to stop and observe what's around us, nowadays this is a luxury.

These are some of the pictures I took of his pictures, the first one reminds me the childhood fever while preparing performances at school when everybody had a different way of approaching the situation. Unfortunately the reflection of the light on the glass didn't help my already low skills as photographer but sometimes even shadows tell us something: I'm not talking about me reflected on the girl's hat, but mainly of San Marco's bell tower, on the other side of the island, reflected on 57th Street Gallery, New York City, between the two men..a work of art in another work of art.

I tought it was better to separate the holy from the profane, so I put this picture at the end. Erwitt last project has been the advertising campaign for the brand Jacob Cohen, in which he has revisited some of his most famous shoots: this is referred to Spagna, Madrid, Prado, 1995 but if you are interested you can visit Jacob Cohen website and look at them all.

Thanks to guide and photographer Alberto!


March 23, 2012

What a beautiful day. Sunny, just enough breezy, warm, it's my favourite time of the year.

Spring exploded and with that my spring mood. I know, what's more trivial than talk about flowers right now but listen, trivial is fine sometimes: this is what I tought when I saw these trousers by h&m, quite similar to a pair I shoot in Milan. Do you remember Viviana Volpicella picture on Details Fair post? Well, mine are a little high waist, a little skinny, a little above the ankle, a little...a good alternative to the usual pants.

I think we are going to see many things like these over the coming months so get used to them!


March 15, 2012

No pictures today, I have little time unfortunately, but I felt I must tell you a couple of news...good news of course!

Well, first of all congratulations to Madame Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, who received today at Elysee the Legion d'Honneur from President Nicolas Sarkozy: huge satisfaction for helself and her staff above all, but also enormous pride for all the people, myself included, who appreciate the effort of those which support firmly their ideas, although countercurrent.

It's easy to promote themselves as paladins of notables causes, the hardest part is to gain credibility and to me they absolutely succeeded to do that through Vogue Curvy for example.

Second news?...Drum roll please...For the very first time a bloggers duo won the prestigious CFDA Eugenia Sheppard Media Award, a kind of Oscars of fashion. Oh you're right, I forgot to mention that Scott Schuman and Garance Dorè won it!

Absolutely well-deserved, the evidence that passion and huge talent can move the world.


March 14, 2012

First of all let me say that I'm not a fetishist, at least in the nasty way of interpreting the term.

I've always been careless, so hundreds of times while walking I stumbled on millimetric steps improvising kind of artistic falls, always failed. Anyway this is probably the reason why I usually walk looking to the ground and I suppose that keep doing so my selective sight got used to look at shoes, any kind of shoes, till addiction.

Poor Amy Winehouse sang "they try to make me go to rehab by I say no, no, no". So am I, forced abstinence is simply not contemplated.

But do you know high heels' historical background? Men invented them actually, in order to make difficult to walk for women, so they were able to keep them under control. I wonder if they could have ever imagine that one day everything would have turned against them, it is called long term perspective.

Well nowadays shoe designers worldwide indulge on this object, for many years simbol of constraint, the heel, giving it the most unexpected shapes. The drawing I made refers to another pair of shoes which I had not time to shoot...I'm not a sailed illustrator but I tried!


March 11, 2012

Instantly connect to what's most important for you. What a great power!

Major world fashion weeks are over, so now it's time to sum up everything and get ready for the next turn. Something to keep in mind? Of course there is, technology: not by chance I quoted Twitter statement of intent on the first line.

What I found most impressive looking at the pictures I took is that almost none of them are free from cameras or smartphones. The paradigm is capture what you see or feel, share it with people who might like it too and let your contents spread worldwide.

It seems to me that distances are set to zero: I could be on the bus, on my way to university, and look at an instagram picture of Bryan Boy's breakfast or read the daily Editor's Blog on or even watch a video interview on Garance Dorè website.

Everything is so available and free from any kind of locks that is quite easy to overcome limits (personally speaking I found Francesco Scognamiglio less interesting due to his compulsive tweet): well, this is the way of the world, nothing has just positive aspects fortunately! Feel free to leave any comment, I'd be happy to know your opinion.


March 4, 2012

Beatles' fans will forgive me if I borrow part of their deserved nickname, but since I use it knowing its value, I do it for a good reason.

What I sayed in my second post about the unequivocal contribution of Gianni Versace widespread inside all his designs, a kind of imprint which makes us say this thing is just like he used to do, can be easily applayed to the New York based young designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough.

The duo belongs to the category of new players talented and conscious of their potential, as inventive as focused on details, materials and prints. These bags, the PS1s, are an evidence of what I'm saying: practical shape, refined aesthetic and high quality materials, ideal for both men and women.

I might be emotional but when I saw them in Milan I tought that a little piece of Big Apple was suspended a short distance from the italian ground. It was nice...


February 28, 2012

In order to avoid any kind of remark for gender discrimination I play in advance gaining a lineout - pay attention to my advanced football mastery - so I throw you such pictures, hoping you'll feel properly represented.

Women's Fashion Week is widely open so, regardless your "born identity", everybody has its slice of fame: I found all them quite interesting for different reasons.

I recognised the last one from a picture I saw on The Sartorialist months ago: to me the cunning through which he builds an impeccable look making it perceived as completely natural and result of chance is his trademark, I really like his way of interpreting fashion.

On the other hand, talking about the second one, I noticed his deliberate choice of matching the colors of his shirt with the ones of the bag, questionable.

The first one? I think I'll leave you free to comment.

Do you feel a stricker, a wing, a median..? Never mind there's a role for everybody!


February 27, 2012

I really love details, I usually seek them in every aspect of my life, could it be a great novel, the one with long descriptions, a neighborhood which seems a world itself or even a place full of people. Sometimes watching a movie through one of those huge modern televisions I get angry for not being able to catch all the details.

Ok, let's stop turning around the point. I'm telling you that because I know, such outfits might seem just extravagant or not daily wearable to the most: if you think so, try to look at each item separately, decomposing the whole, because, to me, they are all really lovely.

Personally speaking I find them both delight for my eyes in their entire, I like colors, geometric patterns and flowers, there are so many details that catch my attention that I would like to see many more like them everyday!


February 25, 2012

This picture represents the most amazing moment
of my "short Milan Fashion Week" experience. 

I don't know if you are interested as I am in street style fashion blogs, but rely on me, this man is the most talented and gifted communicator through images of our "blogger era", the first one able to understand that fashion is not a game that starts and ends within its industry but lives and breathes on people's skin, which wear clothes on the streets.

I saw him outside Fendi Fashion Show and I could not believe my eyes: he was taking some pictures before getting inside the show when - to my surprise - my brain ordered to my mouth to call him. He has been really helpful and kind when I asked him if I could take a picture.

When I look at him I see a single entity combined with his camera, just like a kind of modern bionic superhero, fantastic. For the record, if I succeeded in capturing your interest his website il Check it out!


February 24, 2012

I know, people always say I really enjoyed it even though I wasn't entirely part of it, I must admit, it sounds like mere consolation.

But this time has been different, the atmosphere outside Fendi Fashion Show, yesterday at 12 am along Via Sciesa, was so engaging that I felt like on the real front row with all major guests walking just a few meters away from me, unbelievable.

Cars with no one sitting on the front passenger seat were flowing relentlessly forming a long serpentine: pretentious guests didn't dare to get off the car if not in front of the entrance, successful Fashion Editors came running down the street making their way through the crowd not to be late.

These are some of the pictures I took despite the confusion caused by unbelief. As I said yesterday, on the next posts I'll show you all the pictures of common people.

For now I hope I've passed on how I felt: if the details are not enough close your eyes and imagine car horns honking - this time there has been a collision - people warning the arrival of special guests and the sound of continuos shots. There you are.


February 22, 2012

As promised I'll post some of the pictures I took today at Piazza Oberdan during Gucci's double fashion show, which has literally paralyzed the traffic of cars, trams and buses, for the sake of poor security forces.

Crosswalks, roadways and rails are just meaningless signs on the ground for the fashion crowd, the only thing that matters is be there and get noticed, regardless of the risk of being invested. People make pictures and expect pictures, there's no one like the other so the sources for inspiration are limitless.

When I arrived there, I do not hide it, I was a bit scared because I tought God how can I deal with all this, I'm not a professional photographer, but then I realized that it doesn't matter, there are so many details that everyone has the chance to capture some of them!

For the moment I'll post just some pictures of the most famous guests, obviously there were many more, as former Fashion Editor of Vogue France Carine Roitfeld, Vogue America's Hamish Bowles and blogger Bryan Boy. In the next few days I'll post all the pictures of "common people", which to me are rather the less common ones. Stay tuned!


February 21, 2012

Hi!! I'm sorry I haven't post anything for a while, I've been busy, but I intend to recover in the next few days.

As you can see from the map I posted, there are many interesting red spots widespread here and there which mark the locations of some fashion shows that will take place tomorrow and on Thursday: I'll be in Milan just for a couple of days unfortunately, but I'll do my best to be your eyes and your ears outside the shows and throughout the city.

Since I still do not own the gift of ubiquity I'll probably choose some of them but I hope I'll come across something unexpected to capture with my camera. Stay tuned!


February 9, 2012

In one of the very first post I wrote, the second one I guess, I talked about the limited and a little bit unconventional collection The Very Best of Versace for H&M, leaving you with a question: who will be the next big stylist ready to reach the great mass?

Now I can give you the answer ( that for the record has been announced by the end of last year ) and much more: this time the choice fell on Consuelo Castiglioni's fashion house Marni.

If I had to describe her works with just three words I'd say nontrivial, you never know which combination of colors and fabrics will be proposed, refined, thanks to their ever new geometric prints and eventually funny!

As you may understand I really like them, above all for their shapes that are structured on the body. The project involves the contribution of talented director Sofia Coppola, who shot this escapist video commercial in  Marrakech, a full dream team!

If you are curious look at the video and the backstage scenes, if you find something of your taste you just need to wait until March 8th. I'll be there too.                                                               

February 7, 2012

Let me introduce this new post mentioning a series of numbers: 9:15, -3, 270, 2. Am I going crazy? Not yet (I hope so).

This morning my freelance reporter alter ego made me get up early and reach University one hour in advance because there was a task to accomplish: record the opening of the new Prada store in the city center.

Obviously it wasn't open yet, it was 9:15 a.m., there was just me, some street sweepers and a couple of sleepy passers-by and, if I forgot to mention, the temperature was -3 degrees Celsius (frozen snow was falling down).

Anyway I took some pictures and looked at the newcomer, there was a cd store before: the building is classic and the frontage of the shop respects its sobriety alternating showcases that seem to frame the clothes on display. 270 mq distributed on two floors designed by Roberto Baciocchi, which, to me, gave a measured but sophisticated touch. Not to forget, at the opening Prada as also renewed its partnership with the FAI, undertaking the redevelopment of Santa Giustina Abbey of Padua. Have a nice tour!


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