December 30, 2011

I know, today is the eve of the New Year's Eve but I'm not going to tell you that sparkle is trendy or even less how to wear red pieces smartly, I'm sure you are able to decide your own outfit by yourselves according to how you celebrate it.

What I want to show you is how something that you no longer use or that you'll throw away can become an original accessory that you personally designed!

I made the necklace myself using old buttons and a satin wire: the major effort, which is also the fun part, is to choose the right combination of buttons. The clutch is a model of the well known Nahui Ollin: I bought the mexican bag made of coffe envelopes, my mother remade it with food envelopes.

In a time when Eco-fashion goes for the most, from Stella Mccartney to the collaboration between actress Emma Watson and designer Alberta Ferretti, and words as sustainable and reusable are an absolute must, wear something like that next year might be really up to date!

Having said so, I want to wish you a happy eco-friendly New Year but most of all a New Year built by yourselves!!

November 26, 2011

That's how the story began, almost ten years ago.

I was a diligent middle school student who started looking at the world around me, shyly but carefully.

I remember I wanted that pair of boots up there so much that my mother, without understanding the reason (she tought they were ugly), bought them: they were so huge that my feet seemed much bigger than they were indeed, out of proportion compared to the body. So desired so waited, I've never felt such a pain walking in a pair of shoes as in those ones, they caused me wounds worthy of a fighter!

Here we are ten years later, still in love with painful shoes, claiming: the higher the better!. Is this masochism? I don't think me the most beautiful things are those most suffered.


November 22, 2011

Who says that beauty is in super elaborate and sophisticated clothes?

To me, wearing simple basic pieces, such as a great pair of jeans modeled on your figure or a good t-shirt, can be the right chance to free your imagination and have fun by adding to your outfit refined items that you can buy in markets, during your travels or even done by yourself!

Looking to the runways' suggestions, for example, we can notice a particular attention to the embellishment of our neck through the use of removable collars, made of various shapes and materials.

As always, this is just an example because there are many many solutions that you can find on your own playing with scarves, brooches (personally I found some really amazing ones owned by my granmother) and so on.

Imagine to be a blank palette and draw your exclusive painting!


November 19, 2011

Both self awareness and the construction of a personal dimension are goals that require time, several attempts and determination to be reached.

That's the reason why the boy up there is in a position of advantage over us all: ninety years old, successful entrepreneur, durable athlete and from my point of view as elegant as modern.

What impresses me more is the balance between comfort, refinement of materials and contemporary tradition interwoven with the textures of Missoni's clothes, able to arouse esteem towards those who wear them with such confidence, but also tenderness.

The second picture -from fall/winter collection 2011- and the last one -from spring/summer collection 2012- are proofs in support of my thesis: wearing that kind of cardigan or jacket is a safe and smart choice.

November 18, 2011

It's stated: Twilight Mania is widespread throughout the human world.

Fans are roughly divided between team Edward and team Jacob but it seems to me that nobody really cares about "poor" Kristen...forced in somebody else's shoes, and dress, and hairstyle, and smiling face.

At the Los Angeles Premier of Breaking Dawn, she was wearing a wonderful dress by J.Mendel with a dramatic side split, matched to a perceivable embarrassment. I know it's part of the job and most of all this is a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their clothes in front of an incredible mass of people, but is it really worthy? Clearly she is not as confident as the sailed Sharon Stone -she didn't even know where to put the leg- so why put on her a gown like that? To me much better rock&roll dress, sneakers and flowing hair.

The point is that doesn't matter if the outfit is breathtaking, it's up to you to give it life, meaning and personality!


November 15, 2011

Ok...assume for a second that the figures that are wearing those incredible clothes are not super fit models, let's focus just on gowns (that for the record are designed by some of my favourite designers).

Do you see anything? Probably you see less than what you should see.

Is this magic? No, that's the power of illusion.

The first dress by Matthew Williamson is thought to reshape the lines of the hips through a clever combination of bright colors so that the waist seems far more thinner! Same thing for the second one, by Giambattista Valli, that takes advantage of a clever play of shadows on the sides, and the very last by Stella McCartney, I would say tricky chic.

Of course they are not affordable for many but take it just as a hint to understand that you can play with lines and score one hundred points more for your team.


November 14, 2011

What do you see? Well, if you live in England you can't really see anything, at least since a couple of days ago.

Do you know why? Because this adv picture has been banned from the whole British territory due to the decision of the Advertising Authority. In their opinion the maxi bottle of perfume Oh Lola! showed by the prodigy actress Dakota Fanning is an explicit sexual reference and most of all makes her be perceived as tool for the designer's provocations.

Come on..take it easy!! Honestly I'm not a huge fan of Marc Jacobs but that's exaggerated, considering the world we live in. Anyway the result is million dollards thrown to the wind and the chance to shift the attention from more important problems, one out of all excessive thinnes.


November 13, 2011

Are they tired? Do they miss sleepovers?

Not necessarily...maybe they are just smart enough to play with clothes without taking things to seriously.

I'm aware of this, anything Ryan Gosling wears will fit him perfectly, but his choice to wear a Ferragamo pajamas blouse during the last Cannes Film Festival, didn't leave unconcerned fashion experts. Who dared more was Rachel Roy at the New York premier of One Day, where she wore a real pajama that she paid less than 100 dollars, heels and clutch, certainly not because she expected the film to be boring.

Two clues are an evidence! And the evidence is that eclectic fashion guru Marc Jacobs, proposed the pajamas blouse for Louis Vuitton 2012 cruise collection.

Lesson: don't be scared to dare if you are confident of your choices, at the end of the story they will be your own personal choices.


November 11, 2011

These are a couple of pictures I took during my last trip to London along Portobello Road.

It was saturday morning and I decided to explore the incredible market that comes to life on time with the first light of the day: if you have never been there you can't even imagine the amount of different items put on display in tiny spaces that magically seem to expand again and again...fairy.

Anyway, I was at the fruits&vegetables' stand zone when I saw this strange shop window literally full of sewing machines so I came inside the shop and to my surprise there were many many more! My favourite part of a trip is discover each time hidden corners or special places that are not usual destinations because it seems to me they are in a certain way only mine.

If you've taken pictures like these and you want share them send me by email and if I find them cool too I'll post them!


November 10, 2011

We all know, people come and go, what remains us are memories and traces that make us say everytime -this thing is just like he used to do-. What's more impressive is that their contribution doesn't simply stand still but fits time passing.

That's the case of the newly launched collection The Very Best of Versace for H&M...unequivocally Gianni Versace style.

The pieces are both for women and men, maybe a little unconventional, but still art! You can find them in selected H&M shops from the 17th of November.

Who will be the next big stylist ready for reach the great mass?


November 9, 2011

So...aren't you looking at a fashion blog, are you? Well, it depends...

If you agree with me that fashion is not just a set of ready-made choices but a game that is up to you to lead we are on the same side.

Be amazed by the unexpected outfits you create every single day, doesn't matter if your clothes are from past seasons, get inspired by what you see around you and then feel free to draw your own conclusions.

For me this new experiment is both a challenge and a long time desire and of course I hope you all find juicy the things I'm going to share with you.

                                                                                                                              *welcome everybody*
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