March 30, 2012

Elliott Erwitt, Personal Best

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Yesterday I went to Venice to the presentation of the exhibition Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt, a multi-faceted 1928 born photographer who has managed to promptly capture everything the 20th century has offered, constantly traveling around the world looking for new snapshots.

I must confess that a little part of me is jealous of the period during which he has lived, I mean, I love today's comfort, I can't even imagine my life without any kind of technologies, but think about living at a lower pace, having the time to evaluate your own choices or to stop and observe what's around us, nowadays this is a luxury.

These are some of the pictures I took of his pictures, the first one reminds me the childhood fever while preparing performances at school when everybody had a different way of approaching the situation. Unfortunately the reflection of the light on the glass didn't help my already low skills as photographer but sometimes even shadows tell us something: I'm not talking about me reflected on the girl's hat, but mainly of San Marco's bell tower, on the other side of the island, reflected on 57th Street Gallery, New York City, between the two men..a work of art in another work of art.

I tought it was better to separate the holy from the profane, so I put this picture at the end. Erwitt last project has been the advertising campaign for the brand Jacob Cohen, in which he has revisited some of his most famous shoots: this is referred to Spagna, Madrid, Prado, 1995 but if you are interested you can visit Jacob Cohen website and look at them all.

Thanks to guide and photographer Alberto!


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