January 16, 2013

#2 What's your...HIM?

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Nice question, especially when combined with its twin-sister question "but where is He?" and the even more painful one "will He ever understand that I'm his She?".

Despite wearing each time the right pair of shoes at the right moment, Carrie Bradshaw had to carry on her shoulders (with great attitude), a counterweight full of doubts and insecurities because yes, she understood that Mister Big was the man she wanted by her side but how to make it clear to the Him involved?

And what about Miss Holly Golightly? She was able to dress up wonderfully in a couple of minutes* but don't even try to ask her "what's your Him?" before one hour and forty minutes of film...she wouldn't have been able to answer you.

So I'm saying, if we, young women, are not able to recognize our Him, how can we even image that they, men, would be able to recognize their Him**? Well simple...just arm yourself with scissors, a drop of glue, your best portrait ever and it's done!

With a little irony, because I can't really do otherwise in these circumstances, but with the certainty that at least one of you will do it for sure***, I tought it might be an alternative way of looking at menswear Fall Winter 2013-14 collections.

Do your collage, then, and make your choice. I'll wait for the result!


* that even if I fall asleep dress up, ready for the next day, I would be as fast as her.
** in the sense of stylistic identity.
*** yes, I'm talking about you...

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