March 11, 2012

Fashion Forward: See, Share, Spead.

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Instantly connect to what's most important for you. What a great power!

Major world fashion weeks are over, so now it's time to sum up everything and get ready for the next turn. Something to keep in mind? Of course there is, technology: not by chance I quoted Twitter statement of intent on the first line.

What I found most impressive looking at the pictures I took is that almost none of them are free from cameras or smartphones. The paradigm is capture what you see or feel, share it with people who might like it too and let your contents spread worldwide.

It seems to me that distances are set to zero: I could be on the bus, on my way to university, and look at an instagram picture of Bryan Boy's breakfast or read the daily Editor's Blog on or even watch a video interview on Garance Dorè website.

Everything is so available and free from any kind of locks that is quite easy to overcome limits (personally speaking I found Francesco Scognamiglio less interesting due to his compulsive tweet): well, this is the way of the world, nothing has just positive aspects fortunately! Feel free to leave any comment, I'd be happy to know your opinion.


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