December 4, 2012

Peter Lindbergh - Known and The Unknown

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They called it visual path. It's an exhibition, do not panic.

Images are by Peter Lindbergh, the frame in which they were contained is Corso Como 10, a little corner within the city borders, I've never seen such a bucolic place.


Imagine that you are able to share with someone else all your unknowns, and at the same time the certainties that you have accumulated over the years. All these things together could generate an homogeneous mixture, more or less made of the same amount of both ingredients (certainties and unknowns), or maybe a mix biased towards one of the two parts, for sure there can never be one blend equal to another, each blend is unique.

The unique mixture that I saw was Peter Lindbergh's one, intentionally biased toward the unknown side, despite the fact that his talent has always been a certainty, and this is absolutely known.

So the exhibition began with a room full of knowns, some of the most popular fashion shots from floor to ceiling, which reported not only the evolution of trends but also documented the careers of many great models, like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, just to name a couple of them. He has always portrayed beauty without any overstructure, always faithful to his essential creativity.

The remaining part was a journey without neither a specific order nor a timeline: on stage the fascinating and artful adventures of our lives, the unknown, which benefits from constant references to cinema and science fiction.

I hope you'll like the pictures!


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