December 30, 2011

New Life for the New Year

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I know, today is the eve of the New Year's Eve but I'm not going to tell you that sparkle is trendy or even less how to wear red pieces smartly, I'm sure you are able to decide your own outfit by yourselves according to how you celebrate it.

What I want to show you is how something that you no longer use or that you'll throw away can become an original accessory that you personally designed!

I made the necklace myself using old buttons and a satin wire: the major effort, which is also the fun part, is to choose the right combination of buttons. The clutch is a model of the well known Nahui Ollin: I bought the mexican bag made of coffe envelopes, my mother remade it with food envelopes.

In a time when Eco-fashion goes for the most, from Stella Mccartney to the collaboration between actress Emma Watson and designer Alberta Ferretti, and words as sustainable and reusable are an absolute must, wear something like that next year might be really up to date!

Having said so, I want to wish you a happy eco-friendly New Year but most of all a New Year built by yourselves!!

1 comment:

  1. bella l'idea della collana-bottoni!!
    buon anno anche a te dolce Giulia!


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