November 26, 2011

I love you even if you hurt me

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That's how the story began, almost ten years ago.

I was a diligent middle school student who started looking at the world around me, shyly but carefully.

I remember I wanted that pair of boots up there so much that my mother, without understanding the reason (she tought they were ugly), bought them: they were so huge that my feet seemed much bigger than they were indeed, out of proportion compared to the body. So desired so waited, I've never felt such a pain walking in a pair of shoes as in those ones, they caused me wounds worthy of a fighter!

Here we are ten years later, still in love with painful shoes, claiming: the higher the better!. Is this masochism? I don't think me the most beautiful things are those most suffered.


1 comment:

  1. Concordo sul male atroce.
    Le mie doc erano belle viola e dannatamente dolorose...solo dopo averle ammorbidite mi svelarono il segreto per evitare la sofferenza iniziale...
    ma forse tutti prima di apprezzarle appieno devono un pò piangere interiormente ;)
    Le scarpe con tacco??? MALE!! Queste ,però, ti fanno il piedino da fata a differenza dei carri armati
    ...conclusione: si, siamo masochiste!!!


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