January 6, 2012

Last stop: Bonfire!

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Today in my little town there has been a bonfire to celebrate the day of Epiphany: it's a kind of custom which aims at driving away bad memories of the past year and at making good wishes for the newly one.

That's just a tradition but it made me think about my personal bonfire, what I would burn, past objects with no more meaning to me or remediable weaknesses, but most of all about some little desires I wish I could achieve during the 2012.

Looking inside my closet I found an old turtleneck sweater, quite pretty 8 years ago, it has got too long sleeves and it doesn't cover the waist as it should, I don't even have memories tied to it so that's not a big deal: today will be the end of its run!

Another thing is a pair of red heels, the kind which you buy for the very first parties with friends, when you don't know yet how to behave or how to dress, everything is new, so unfortunately I bought them too small just because I tought I need them: now I learned the lesson and I don't require them as memorandum anymore.

What else...a little bit of anxiety, nothing more.

Wishes?? They are too many to list all of them: let's say that I hope to do all the things I love more, I really like hard work but for something that is worth it.

I wish you all the best dear blog readers and pay attention not to burn too many things, sooner or later everything comes back in fashion!


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