November 18, 2011

Forced in someone else's shoes?

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It's stated: Twilight Mania is widespread throughout the human world.

Fans are roughly divided between team Edward and team Jacob but it seems to me that nobody really cares about "poor" Kristen...forced in somebody else's shoes, and dress, and hairstyle, and smiling face.

At the Los Angeles Premier of Breaking Dawn, she was wearing a wonderful dress by J.Mendel with a dramatic side split, matched to a perceivable embarrassment. I know it's part of the job and most of all this is a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their clothes in front of an incredible mass of people, but is it really worthy? Clearly she is not as confident as the sailed Sharon Stone -she didn't even know where to put the leg- so why put on her a gown like that? To me much better rock&roll dress, sneakers and flowing hair.

The point is that doesn't matter if the outfit is breathtaking, it's up to you to give it life, meaning and personality!


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