November 15, 2011

Masters of Magic

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Ok...assume for a second that the figures that are wearing those incredible clothes are not super fit models, let's focus just on gowns (that for the record are designed by some of my favourite designers).

Do you see anything? Probably you see less than what you should see.

Is this magic? No, that's the power of illusion.

The first dress by Matthew Williamson is thought to reshape the lines of the hips through a clever combination of bright colors so that the waist seems far more thinner! Same thing for the second one, by Giambattista Valli, that takes advantage of a clever play of shadows on the sides, and the very last by Stella McCartney, I would say tricky chic.

Of course they are not affordable for many but take it just as a hint to understand that you can play with lines and score one hundred points more for your team.


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