November 13, 2011

Ready to bed?

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Are they tired? Do they miss sleepovers?

Not necessarily...maybe they are just smart enough to play with clothes without taking things to seriously.

I'm aware of this, anything Ryan Gosling wears will fit him perfectly, but his choice to wear a Ferragamo pajamas blouse during the last Cannes Film Festival, didn't leave unconcerned fashion experts. Who dared more was Rachel Roy at the New York premier of One Day, where she wore a real pajama that she paid less than 100 dollars, heels and clutch, certainly not because she expected the film to be boring.

Two clues are an evidence! And the evidence is that eclectic fashion guru Marc Jacobs, proposed the pajamas blouse for Louis Vuitton 2012 cruise collection.

Lesson: don't be scared to dare if you are confident of your choices, at the end of the story they will be your own personal choices.


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