February 24, 2012

Milan, 2nd day: a show within the show at Fendi

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I know, people always say I really enjoyed it even though I wasn't entirely part of it, I must admit, it sounds like mere consolation.

But this time has been different, the atmosphere outside Fendi Fashion Show, yesterday at 12 am along Via Sciesa, was so engaging that I felt like on the real front row with all major guests walking just a few meters away from me, unbelievable.

Cars with no one sitting on the front passenger seat were flowing relentlessly forming a long serpentine: pretentious guests didn't dare to get off the car if not in front of the entrance, successful Fashion Editors came running down the street making their way through the crowd not to be late.

These are some of the pictures I took despite the confusion caused by unbelief. As I said yesterday, on the next posts I'll show you all the pictures of common people.

For now I hope I've passed on how I felt: if the details are not enough close your eyes and imagine car horns honking - this time there has been a collision - people warning the arrival of special guests and the sound of continuos shots. There you are.


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