February 28, 2012

Pheno(MEN)ology of Style

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In order to avoid any kind of remark for gender discrimination I play in advance gaining a lineout - pay attention to my advanced football mastery - so I throw you such pictures, hoping you'll feel properly represented.

Women's Fashion Week is widely open so, regardless your "born identity", everybody has its slice of fame: I found all them quite interesting for different reasons.

I recognised the last one from a picture I saw on The Sartorialist months ago: to me the cunning through which he builds an impeccable look making it perceived as completely natural and result of chance is his trademark, I really like his way of interpreting fashion.

On the other hand, talking about the second one, I noticed his deliberate choice of matching the colors of his shirt with the ones of the bag, questionable.

The first one? I think I'll leave you free to comment.

Do you feel a stricker, a wing, a median..? Never mind there's a role for everybody!


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