February 22, 2012

Milan, 1st day: Delirium at Gucci

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As promised I'll post some of the pictures I took today at Piazza Oberdan during Gucci's double fashion show, which has literally paralyzed the traffic of cars, trams and buses, for the sake of poor security forces.

Crosswalks, roadways and rails are just meaningless signs on the ground for the fashion crowd, the only thing that matters is be there and get noticed, regardless of the risk of being invested. People make pictures and expect pictures, there's no one like the other so the sources for inspiration are limitless.

When I arrived there, I do not hide it, I was a bit scared because I tought God how can I deal with all this, I'm not a professional photographer, but then I realized that it doesn't matter, there are so many details that everyone has the chance to capture some of them!

For the moment I'll post just some pictures of the most famous guests, obviously there were many more, as former Fashion Editor of Vogue France Carine Roitfeld, Vogue America's Hamish Bowles and blogger Bryan Boy. In the next few days I'll post all the pictures of "common people", which to me are rather the less common ones. Stay tuned!


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