November 5, 2012

A million girls would kill months

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Have you ever been so excited that even if everything is unknown, definitely not familiar and it goes at the speed of light, you can't feel any fear or you can't even try to tide up your mind? 

During the last months, this has been quite a new daily status for me, Miss think first as second name. I'm really sorry for having shut down my blog for such a long time, but trust me, it has been for a good reason, or maybe two.

Seven months are not a great amount of time for a human being, if compared to his entire life. They are a huge amount of time for a butterfly, which can't even hope to live more than two or three days. For me seven months have been everything a young intern, nearly graduated, at the beginning of her almost mature life could ever desire. But let's start from the beginning.

I've always been interested in fashion, I would say more from an artistic point of view than a consumer one, I feel a kind of thrill inside of me when I look at an inspiration becoming a product, but to be sincere I've never been able to observe quite from the inside such world, at least until seven months ago.

What happened first has been an internship at the company that manufactures sunglasses and frames for Yves Saint Laurent, well Saint Laurent Paris now. I needed to do an internship in order to graduate, I'm a business student, and I'm not the kind of person that avoids sacrifices to achieve a goal, so my 300 hours internship became a six months-long internship at the Marketing and Licensing dept. I could have never imagine to live such an amazing experience, I mean to spread my intern-efforts to give substance to Hedi Slimane's plans, a delight.

In the meanwhile I made the final university exams and I got graduated, thanks God!

Just one month's left to tell you about. Quoting one of my favorite films I could say A million girls would kill for this job, and maybe that's true. I've been chosen for an internship at Vogue Italia, is that a fairy tale?? I started walking with my feet off the ground and my head in a whirl since I got the news: the feet touched the ground again on the first day in Milan, they had to get on high heels, the head kept on whirling. It has been a quite dense month.

I feel like I dwelt a little bit, but I have so much time to regain that a novel would not be enough, better to split everything in several episodes. So stay tuned, I hope that both of us will have the chance to gain something from my experiences.

*welcome back*

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