November 19, 2012

Story of a defeat, Pt. 2

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If the answer to that question is yes!, as it was mine, never think you will be able to find one at H&M, go to the nearer supermarket.

That's the lesson I've learned last thursday, when I naively thought I already had a Maison Martin Margiela for H&M candy clutch among my hands, dabbler's mistake.

Here is the story.

Wake up at 6 am, bus at 7, one hour later I was in front of the store entrance. A girl dressed up as a butcher gave me the bracelet that allowed the entrance to the sale event, it was blue, I love blue, I think it's a great color and it standed out on my wrist but, what did it mean for my purchase? You'll enter the store with the third group - the butcher said. What?! Since when so many people are mad for Margiela, I thought it was a niche brand, wasn't it? Ok, don't worry, remain focused on the goal, the re-edition of the Spring Summer 2010 candy wrapped clutch could still be yours. Second dabbler's mistake.

Twenty minutes later, which meant that the first group made use of its ten minutes time to raid everything and ten extra minutes to pay it all, my turn was approaching, when a young girl paraded proudly by my side: Oh nice bag, how many like this are left? - I asked her. She answered with a quite pleased chuckle: none, they are already sold out! - and continued even more pleased - you know I arrived at six in the morning. Are you looking for applause? (By the way, this bag is really too big!!) C'mon, it is certainly a misdirection attempt, stay focused. Third dabbler's mistake.

Once inside the store, determined that no bags were left, I regretted that I had always avoided videogames: Super Mario's ability to face invasions would have been quite helpful to escape from salesmen's attacks.

End of the story.
Any reference to actual events and/or real people is to be considered purely accidental.

A well-written screenplay, suitable to be performed in Venice as well as in Milan and in every city around the world, a mechanism reharsed and replicated several times, always equal to itself, a certainty. The gap between the purchase and the acknowledgement, by most of the people, that they will never use those items is every time closer, within a couple of hours products are on ebay three times the original price. Everybody keep on not knowing Maison Martin Margiela.

All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players, what's your point of view?


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