November 15, 2012

Fashion as a profession (?)

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I still have not figured out yet if I'm good or not at tidying up: I only know that I always keep everything, you know just in case, is it bad? Mmm, who knows...

Well, trying to find a place for everything, fashion magazines, university books and tons of notes, I thought: can a Vogue's September issue and a business management book share more than their (physical) weight?

More clearly, is it possible to combine a big passion with your studies, making it all a profession? This is actually what I'm trying to do, I don't know yet if I'm doing it in the right way, but as I promised a couple of posts ago, I'd like to share with you all I understood till now (if so...) about trying to match passion and job.

Is it possible? Easy? Are there any secrets to success?

This won't be a post that hides itself behind the fact that we are on crisis and no more jobs are available for young people: I perfectly know that crisis does exist, as a business student I know its origins and causes, and they are definitely not a fashion matter so I won't dedicate them any additional word.

So, back to us, secrets: if there are some, I can't reveal them otherwise I should kill you all! Easy? Of course not but listen, rarely things like these are easy, take it or leave. Possible? Maybe.

Personally speaking I think that the first basic step to take is to understand which is your positioning within the industry: there are countless ways to deal with fashion, Grace Coddington does it differently than Anna Dello Russo, Scott Schuman differently from Chiara Ferragni (four names not by chance...), what's yours?

Done this, the next step will be to find the right way to remain faithful to your own identity: in this way you'll be able to test yourselves in different contexts without being afraid to get changed without realizing it.

Final point: try youselves in as many tasks as possible. To me this will no doubt make you understand what you like the most, but mainly this will give you the flexibility to reinvent when you are forced to change your plans, it may happen.

This what I gained till now, it's not much but it's a beginning and it can be useful to everyone, even beyond the fashion industry. To conclude, I just want to quote some lines by Rolling Stones, I think they are quite appropriate: You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need.

I hope to be helpful!


1 comment:

  1. Premetto che l accumulo compulsivo è un principio di disposofobia,per il resto ci stai riuscendo alla grande,c è un punto di contatto per tutto,basta solo trovarlo!quindi economia e moda possono combaciare!:-P
    Baci Levo


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