November 23, 2012

Shopping tips: street markets

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There are tones of reasons why you feel the need to buy: for necessity, for pleasure, because you think you never have enough (here the mantra is sooner or later I'll need it for sure), to fill small and big lacks.

Countless reasons, countless ways of purchase. Some people prefer to go to tried and tested stores where most of the times they know quite well what they are going to find, where to find it inside the store and in which day of the week, a kind of ritual consolidated over time. Some others rely on online shopping, because you know, nowadays time is the only true luxury, and when it dramatically lacks, you need to find a solution in some ways, so laptops set distances to zero and credit cards cut out cash desk queues.

I must admit that, while I'm quite good at the first option, I'm not that good with virtual shopping: I don't think I'll ever be able to give up touching objects' texture, fabrics in particular, before the purchase, I think it may be due to the same principle that makes me say that ebooks will never be as fascinating as paper books.

Trying to find a remedy, I will recover my handicap with some good advices on street markets, true stress free oasis where you can find both war relics from the First World War and brooches made of bouncing balls, plus all in between. Undefined space and time, neatly shapeless paths where the only duty is to get carried away, with some little tricks:

- Do not start the reconnaissance having a clear idea about what you would like to buy: the point is to be able to grasp the right thing in the right moment, it's a matter of belonging and predestination. You might think that we are the ones that find each piece of our booty but I think that, on the contrary, they find us;

- Pay attention to easy baits: since you are moving through a no lords' land, don't waste time and efforts trying to find the perfect copy of the item you saw in that beautiful shop in the city center, first of all trust me, you'll never find it, second of all you'll throw to the wind the chance to discover something new, not so conventional;

- Be patient: sometimes it may happen to come back home with a skinny booty, below expectations. Since unpredictability is part of the game, don't get upset, fate keeps turning and probably the next time it'll turn in your favor;

- Wear comfortable shoes: it might seems trivial but with just three words I said it all.

Before I started to write this post I thought to end it up by giving you some information about my favorite street markets, a kind of Where?, When?, What?, but then I reminded the circumstances when I shot the picture up there: it was sunday afternoon, one of those almost summer days in the middle of autumn and I run by chance in Brera, Milan. Why should we make a list of events not to miss when the case makes it for us anyway?


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